Capella 3 wind turbine generator

The Capella 3 is characterised by simplicity, high redundancy and fault-tolerance. Due to gearless transmission, the high power generation efficiency is achieved without the cost of power-consuming cooling system: The Capella 3 uses ambient air-cooling. A two-bearing concept provides sovereign load distribution through a king pin. The generator rotor runs inside the stator, housing in a cover ring that allows access to replaceable magnet poles and windings. GOLIATH Wind places great importance to accessibility for maintenance personnel to all components, including the generator and the turbine hub. 


Type Upwind, gearless variable speed
Rated power 3.3 MW
Cut-in wind speed 3.0 m/s
Rated wind speed 11.5 m/s
Cut-out wind speed 22 m/s
Wind class IEC IIA
Frequency 50 Hz
Operating temperature -10 to +40ºC
Surival temperature -20 to +50ºC
Design lifetime 25 years



Type Upwind
Number of blades 3
Rotor diameter 109 m
Swept area 9.331 m²
Norminal rotational speed 13.8 rpm
Rated tip speed 78.8 m/s
Blade type LM 53.2 P
Rotational direction Clockwise
Power regulation Full blade pitch (electric)
Main brake Individual blade pitching



Power conversion Direct drive / gearless
Generator GOLIATH Cyclos™
Type Modular permanent magnet
slotless ring generator
Number of phases 12
Efficiency 94%
Diameter 16 m
Voltage 690 V
Neodymium Fully encapsulated
Coils in-situ replaceable
by two-men crew
Windings Aluminium, fully encapsulated
Poles in-situ replaceable
by two-men crew
Cooling Passively air-cooled
Parking brake Electro mechanic
Automatic rotor lock system
Grid connection Full power inverter system with
4 individual controllers
Upwind bearing Timken Ø1580 mm
Downwind bearing Timken Ø1920 mm



Type Electrically driven
Bearing 4 point contact slewing bearing
Brakes Hydraulic



Tower type Lattice tower
Hub height 80, 100 or 120 m