The Company

GOLIATH Wind has been founded by German entrepreneur Lars Mach in 2008. Lars Mach served as the CEO from early start to September 2013, as a member of the management board till April 2015 and as a member of the supervisory board till May 2016.

Durham University, the British National Renewable Energy Centre (NaREC) and private individuals have become shareholders next to the Estonian Development Fund and private investors.
Own patented technology was used to develop an innovative drive train concept, which Lars Mach had in mind when launching GOLIATH Wind. Experience from his involvement with utility-scale projects at Stephen Probyn & Company, Toronto, had revealed problems from gear box failures on large wind turbines. On the other hand, repairs on so-called gearless designs had often required to take down entire machine heads. Both issues had been a huge burden for investments in wind farms.
In late 2006, Lars Mach had launched negotiations with scientists from Durham University, where Prof. Ed Spooner and his team had developed a very scalable low temperature ring generator with segmented design. Prof. Spooner had broad experience with electrical machines from small wind turbine applications, other renewable energy systems as well as from disel generator sets.

GOLIATH Wind has built several ring generators of up to 16 metres in diameter for capacities of several Megawatt. The company has got a team of engineers from different fields and countries. German engineers with long track records and expertise in wind turbine design have integrated the innovative drive train into a highly competitive wind turbine.