Real feel for Capella™

As the design of the Capella™ turbine nears finalization GOLIATH has turned to modern technologies for rapid prototyping and assessment of the visual outlook. This has led to production of several small scale 3D printed turbines with different detail levels. Largest of them displays all the characteristic features of the Cyclos™ generator and the unique lattice tower GALT™. The process has been both fun and useful. 

Make in India: Joint venture established

On November 7th, 2015, Goliath Wind signed a Joint Venture agreement with Steelite Engineering Ltd., Mumbai India, and the parties will together establish Steelite Capella Wind India. The Joint Venture will market and produce the Capella turbines in India and close export markets based on Engineering coming from Goliath Wind.  The operations of the Joint Venture will be situated in Mumbai.

Steelite Engineering Ltd. is a family owned company with a long and proud history of more than 60 years in the Power Energy Sector within steel fabrications for energy solutions.

The Capella 3 turbine will the first Goliath Turbine to be introduced to India, and is - at the time of signing - the largest turbine to be manufactured in India and will be so under the "Make in India" Programme of the Government of India.

Signing of the joint venture agreement


Certificate obtained: Capella turbine receives the D–Design Assessment!

After a long process of load calculations and countless hours spend on mechanical and electrical design, GOLIATH Wind has received a "Statement of Compliance for the D–Design Assessment" for the Capella™ 3.3 wind turbine. The statement has been issued by DEWI-OCC and attests that the turbine design complies with Germanischer Lloyd „Guideline for the Certification of Wind Turbines“ Edition 2010 – WT Class IIA.

The main carrier components, safety system, lightning protection concept and of course the unique Cyclos™ generator have been checked and correspond with the applicable international rules. The doors for turbine erection and commercial projects are open!

GOLIATH Wind expresses gratitude to all of the partners who participated in process. 

Copy of the certificate can be found under the Capella 3 page.

License deal closed: GOLIATH technology goes Turkey!

Following negotiations with state organisations GOLIATH Wind and large industrial group from Ankara have entered into a licence agreement for serial production. Both companies have achieved great progress in setting up a Turkish supply chain, which demonstrates our modular technology’s advantage for local sourcing and production!

Our locally-made products will benefit from significant bonuses in the Turkish feed-in tariff system.

Next to Turkey, the license covers several countries, where an acquisition of project sites has already begun in co-operation with Turkish partners.


Over the top: GOLIATH tower design

GOLIATH Wind and German Türme Unlimited have entered into an agreement to complete a new series of sophisticated wind turbine towers. The German engineering team has designed the world’s tallest wind turbine mast (160 m hub height) in history, and their design fit perfectly into design policy: Easy logistics!